Master MultiCloud, DevOps and AI and be among the best and highest paid in 2024

Be among the best and highest paid
and don’t get left behind

From August 7th to 13th | 7PM (Eastern Time)

Who is leading the Challenge?

Jean Rodrigues is Founder, CEO & CTO at The Cloud Bootcamp. He’s previously worked as Senior Principal Cloud & Infrastructure Architect at Oracle’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, where he’s lived for 4 years before moving to Orlando, in sunny Florida, USA.

As Senior Principal Cloud & Infrastructure Architect, he led the on-premises infrastructure to MultiCloud migration project for the largest US airline company.

In addition, Jean has already trained countless IT Professionals in Cloud Computing & DevOps worldwide. Throughout his training programs, several students nailed the highest-paying and prominent Cloud & DevOps positions in the market.

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