July 9th at 7 PM ET

Master AI and Boost Your Efficiency in MultiCloud & DevOps Projects

Discover how to get hands-on with AI and don’t be replaced by someone who knows it.

What You're Going to Learn:

Leverage AI for employment:

Gain hands-on skills to enhance your job prospects.

Hands-on AI

Get real experience in applying AI in MultiCloud and DevOps environments.

Improve efficiency and productivity:

Learn AI tools and techniques to streamline your workflows.

Stay relevant:

Avoid being replaced by mastering the latest in AI technology.

Transition into strategic roles:

Move from routine tasks to impactful positions within your organization.

Competitive edge:

Stand out in the job market with cutting-edge AI, MultiCloud, and DevOps skills.

Innovate and contribute:

Drive meaningful projects and innovations in your field.

Who is this Event For?

This event is designed for IT professionals who:

Are looking to advance their careers with AI expertise.

Want to stay ahead in the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Seek hands-on experience and practical knowledge in AI.

Desire to future-proof their careers and remain competitive in the job market.

With Whom Will You Learn?

Jean Rodrigues

  • Founder, CEO, and CTO of The Cloud Bootcamp

  • Former Sr. Principal Infrastructure & Cloud Architect at Oracle, Silicon Valley

  • Led the migration of the largest US airline to a MultiCloud architecture using DevOps

  • Trained thousands of IT professionals globally in Cloud Computing and DevOps

  • Early adopter of AI, enhancing team efficiency and driving AI-powered SaaS innovations


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The Cloud Bootcamp - All rights reserved.