Our Sales Team

At The Cloud Bootcamp, we believe that passion for excellence and technical expertise are crucial to lead the revolution in Cloud Computing and DevOps. However, to connect these values to every IT professional, our sales consultants play an irreplaceable role.

Each consultant on our team is not just a salesperson but an ambassador of our mission to transform the IT market.

More than just offering courses, our consultants are driven by the desire to see every professional not only updating themselves but becoming a benchmark in their field. They take pride in knowing that through their recommendations, they are helping shape some of the best-prepared and highest-paid IT professionals in the industry.

By choosing The Cloud Bootcamp, you’re not just selecting an educational institution. You are entering into a partnership guided by dedicated consultants ensuring your educational investment is strategic, targeted, and above all, transformative.

Join us and let our consultants guide you on the journey to becoming one of the highest-paid IT professionals in the market.

Jéssica Tavares

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, mother of Hashi, she embodies warmth and empathy. Her unwavering commitment ensures students achieve their goals and see positive growth.

+55 21 9 7986-7783

Kalinny Clarimundo

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, married, a mother, passionate about Jesus and life transformations, ready to assist and provide the best service so you find the right path on your cloud computing journey.

+55 24 9 8149-0235