ALL THE STEPS you need to follow in order to join the MultiCloud Bootcamp – Cloud Computing Career Acceleration Program, with $1,000 OFF in the first few hours. 

Hey, what’s up? This is Jean Rodrigues!

In this letter, I’ll share with you firsthand details on the new MultiCloud Bootcamp program, which have been completely reshaped to cover Cloud Career Strategy and Soft-skills, in addition to the MultiCloud technical specialization.

I’ve written this message to clarify all questions that might be withholding you from getting it done and enrolling on the Bootcamp. Be assured this training is the first step to unlocking the best opportunities in the Cloud Computing market. In addition, there’ll be lots of recruiters and companies eager to hire you.

Throughout the free training, I’ve told you the power of MultiCloud on your career and the reason why you ought to master Cloud Computing.

Based on the last Flexera report, I’ve shown you that 92% of companies embraced or are going to adopt the MultiCloud strategy.

So, today I don’t mean to convince you “Why MultiCloud?”. If you’ve kept up with the free training and you’re slightly aware of the Tech industry trends, you already know that IT professionals around the globe that are unable to master the MultiCloud universe and the DevOps technologies will be left behind.

You may be wondering:

But why should I join the MultiCloud Bootcamp?

I don’t know if you’re following the market, but Tech professionals unable to master Cloud or knowledgeable of only one Cloud provider are losing relevance in the market. Take a look at Alexsandro’s example, a MultiCloud Bootcamp student:

Dhanrajsinh Gohil DJ – He had a Hike on his base salary weeks after starting the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Walison – He joined his company’s Cloud team after gaining knowledge at the MultiCloud Bootcamp.

Amit Srivastava – Started helping customers with Google Cloud after entering the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Madhurima Vejendla – The Hands-on method has helped her learn and understand the Cloud world much better

Wagner Munhoz – Hired by Oracle Brazil as Senior Cloud Engineer after the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Paulo Ribeiro – Had his salary tripled even before finishing the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Rômulo Miranda – Hired to work as Cloud Analyst even without finishing the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Wanderley Ferreira – Reentered the market at 60 years old to work as Senior Cloud Infrastructure Analyst after finishing the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Ricardo Contente – nailed a half-million-dollar Cloud project in Switzerland with knowledge from the MultiCloud Bootcamp

Aparecida Cecchetti – Hired to work as Cloud Project Manager on a Globo Television Network project after a year unemployed

Marcelo Monteiro – after several months out of the job market, got a job opportunity after participating in the MultiCloud Bootcamp.


During your path as a Tech professional, you were told that it’s necessary to specialize in order to survive the market. You were told that keeping knowledge up-to-date is essential. And indeed, it’s a fact.

However, nobody ever said the right way to be up-to-date. By the way, do you believe you’ve been doing it efficiently? Or have you wasted your precious time with a bunch of random information?

You access a lot of free courses, but don’t know where to focus. In fact, you don’t even finish most of them, with information overload. You are absolutely lost and wandering around in the pursuit of your place in the market.

A few years ago, I realized that needed to specialize in MultiCloud to keep myself relevant in the Tech market. Unfortunately, most of the Tech professionals don’t develop the skill of watching the market trends and end up stagnant and misaligned.

This mindset pattern repeating itself among Tech professionals started to bother me.

So I thought:

“Someone needs to reveal these folks the truth! Their careers are doomed if they continue on without knowing how to specialize themselves, and even worse – without knowing where to specialize.”

I kept wondering:

“How come they can’t see that MultiCloud is a revolution and whoever is unable to master it, will be out of the game in a few time?”

That’s why, after a 10-year career in the Tech market, after reaching the Senior Principal Cloud & Infrastructure Architect position, after working in the Silicon Valley at Oracle America, after leading an on-premises to MultiCloud migration project for American Airlines in the United States, I decided to leave the market and expose myself to talk to Tech professionals everything nobody ever told me at the beginning, everything I learned from experience.

And today, I have hundreds of students, also known as Bootcampers, that send me weekly messages as below:

Seeing these messages from professionals that increased salaries or even reentered in the IT market through the MultiCloud Bootcamp is the fuel that keeps me even more motivated to move forward.

And now is your turn.

Now is your turn to invest all your energy to develop one of the skills that will bring you results in the Technology market. It’s also a skill capable of offering you the highest salaries:

Deep technical knowledge of MultiCloud, Strategic Cloud Career execution plan, and polished soft-skills.

I want you to be the next IT Professional to send me messages like the ones I’ve shown you above.


The idea behind the name “Bootcamp” comes from military training and I’ve chosen it for I believe that every Technology professional is a warrior, facing daily battles on the battlefield that is the Technology market. To declare war against everything that keeps you from moving forward: the lack of technical knowledge, the false idea behind “the lack of time”, the feeling of not being enough, and especially the fear of being discarded by the market.

This is an immersive training program which is going to teach you:

  • How you can develop a strategy to position yourself in the Cloud market, even if you don’t have Cloud experience/knowledge, lack practical experience, and don’t know where to start.
  • To learn the 4 biggest Cloud providers on the market: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, even if you don’t have experience and do not know how to code.
  • The soft-skills you need to develop in order to succeed in Cloud roles, and how to get approved in Cloud interviews.

I’m going to train Technology professionals whose knowledge will be aligned with the market, fearless to go get it and reach the best opportunities: the Bootcampers.

Highly skilled professionals that are able to use the MultiCloud knowledge to:

Migrate on-premises infrastructures to MultiCloud architectures;

Solve highly complex technical issues that show up on the day-to-day activities of large companies;

Align Cloud skills with DevOps Culture through the understanding of DevOps tools as Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible and Terraform;

Develop soft skills and personal branding, that is, learn how to stand out in the Technology market;

Develop leadership with executive mindset, clear and strategic vision needed by the companies.

Get Cloud positions such as DevOps Engineer, SRE Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, among others.

And it all in a hands-on way, where you’ll implement 30+ Cloud Projects and Challenges simulating real-life scenarios experienced by large companies such as Netflix, Nubank, Stone, Amazon, TIM, Globo Networks Television, American Airlines, among others.

Next Monday, you’ll get the chance to be part of the new MultiCloud Bootcamp and become one of the most desired professionals in the Technology market.


The MultiCloud Bootcamp is divided into 3 main pillars: Cloud Career Strategy, MultiCloud Specialization, and Soft Skills




In the course of my career, I had to go through several boring pieces of training.

And I despised it.

Simply because it was the most boring thing in the world!

So much theory, so little practice: I felt like all those pieces of training were a huge waste of time.

And lost time isn’t something we can recover, money can’t buy it back.

That’s why the MultiCloud Bootcamp has been designed by a Technology professional for a Technology professional.

I know you don’t want to and can’t waste your time with boring training that will teach you nothing.

That’s why the methodology used by my MultiCloud Architects team and I bases itself on:

A controlled dose of theory with lessons straight to the point 

Practical implementation of projects based on real-world scenarios

Contextualization of developed applications

Besides, you’ll also have:

Over 200 hours of technical content recorded in high definition (Netflix style), separated in 4 Bootcamps on the most relevant Cloud providers in the world:


Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • 1-year access to the platform so you can take your time to complete the Bootcamp and rewatch the classes as much as you want. Also, your access can be renewed after a year.
  • Access to a Slack Community full of Bootcampers always helping each other and walking together towards the same goal. Besides, you’ll also have access to Cloud job openings;
  • Weekly Live Meetings via Zoom with The Cloud Bootcamp team and other Bootcampers to implement technical Challenges in group (all meetings are recorded and available at the platform so you won’t miss any content);
  • A study schedule that helps you through your MultiCloud Bootcamp journey, essential for professionals with busy schedules to keep on track.
  • Access to a MultiCloud Architect Technical team qualified and certified, to clarify your questions throughout the Hands-on projects;
  • 30+ Cloud Projects and Challenges simulating real scenarios experienced by large companies such as Netflix, Nubank, Stone, Amazon, TIM, Globo Networks Television, American Airlines, among others.


Some projects developed during the Bootcamps

And if you think that’s all, you’re quite mistaken. One of the principles I value the most is over-delivery. It means to deliver always more than what you’re asked for. Besides all the 4 Bootcamps content, you’ll receive a few exclusive bonuses:

Special Bonus

Group Cloud Career Acceleration Mentorship via Zoom with Jean Rodrigues (ONLY FOR THOSE ENROLLED ON MONDAY BETWEEN 11 AM AND 1 PM EST)

Exclusive Bonus

In the DevOps Cloud Bootcamp, you will have an immersive experience in the main DevOps technologies in the market, and all of this aligned with Cloud environments. You will learn in a hands-on way and through projects based on real-world scenarios, the DevOps fundamentals, code versioning tools, Docker with Cloud hands-on and from stratch, Kubernetes with Cloud hands-on and from stratch, Infrastructure as code and configuration management tools, automated application deployments with CI/CD pipelines, Cloud automation with Python, monitoring and observability tools, and much more. All this in one place, fully hands-on, with a structured learning path, an immersive platform so that you can evolve on your career and do not be left behind.


Extra Prep Modules for Certification
(Step-by-step for your preparation on the 4 Cloud certifications. Also, get practice exams to put your knowledge to the test)

Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner Certification Prep Module

Quizzes, Practice Exams, Instructions and Tips for the Certification Exam.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Prep Module

Quizzes, Practice Exams, Instructions and Tips for the Certification Exam.

Google Cloud Certified Associate Engineer Certification Prep Module

Quizzes, Practice Exams, Instructions and Tips for the Certification Exam.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate Certification Prep Module

Quizzes, Practice Exams, Instructions and Tips for the Certification Exam.

Bonus #2

Slack Community. Network with hundreds of high-level IT Professionals in the exclusive Slack community for The Cloud Bootcamp members only. Keep job opportunities in the loop on the channel #jobs-cloud.

Bonus #3

Keep yourself motivated and going for it with Certified Cloud Instructors guidance. Receive feedbacks on Cloud Projects completed over the Bootcamps.

Well, I know you’re probably wondering right now: “Jean, how much will MultiCloud Bootcamp cost, with all these advantages?”

Honestly, I hope that if you’ve reached this far, you’ve already realized how serious I am about my mission to transform you into one of the most wanted professionals in the Tech market.

For that, I’ll let my students’ results show you how low the investment on MultiCloud Bootcamp is, compared to all you are going to accomplish:

If you sum up all the 4 Bootcamps that compose the MultiCloud Bootcamp individually plus all bonuses, you’ll notice that the investment would be over USD 10,000.

Let me be completely honest here.

You won’t have to pay out USD 10,000 to join the intensive training that will have you mastering the most relevant Cloud Providers in the world: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This will be a turning point in your life and career.

The regular investment required for your MultiCloud Bootcamp registration would be USD 2,997.

However, whoever registers in the MultiCloud Bootcamp next Monday at 11 AM EST will get a USD 1,000 discount during the first hours.

That’s correct, you read correctly. Your investment in the MultiCloud Bootcamp will be only USD 1,997. Or you can opt for a payment plan: USD 387 per month for 6 months. Paying upfront will help you to save USD 325, so that is the recommended option for you.

Please notice: This is a very limited promotion that we’re doing for a limited time, and only those who are quick action takers will be able to get it. So make sure that you’ll be in the WhatsApp Priority Group on top of the hour if you want to increase your chances to be able to get this promotion.


Tech professionals are busy to keep on checking WhatsApp notifications all the time, right? Hence, to avoid missing registration opening, I recommend you set up your mobile alarm next Monday at 11 AM EST.

To increase your chances of nailing a spot at the MultiCloud Bootcamp, click on the button below and join the WhatsApp Priority Group.

USD 5,47 a day, during a year. That’s all you need to have access to the MultiCloud Bootcamp.


To ensure you’re not obligated to remain on the Bootcamp, after your registration, I’ll give you a 15-day money-back guarantee. That means you’ve got 15 days to try out the program and decide if you’ll continue at the MultiCloud Bootcamp. Should you choose not to continue, my Team and I will fully refund you the money. This simple, no questions asked.

This is a closed group, ok?

Only my Team and I are able to send messages, so you won’t get any SPAM.

And to figure out if the MultiCloud Bootcamp is really for you, on Saturday, 11 AM EST, I’ll host a Career Strategy Mentoring on Zoom.


If you still have any questions related to the MultiCloud Bootcamp registration, please send an e-mail to and have my Student Experience Team clarify your concerns as soon as possible.


Jean Rodrigues

The Cloud Bootcamp LLC, Orlando – FL – USA

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